Workshop at The Yurts

05 June 2017

Another workshop for us here at Dutch Nurseries , but this time a different location . OOO mysterious I know - let me explain.

Back in Spring we receieved a phone call from the lovely Co-ordin8 ladies who run "The Yurts" and catering company just along the road from us at Wigginton to ask if we would like to come and demonstrate some floristry for some attendees of a workshop. Well of course we said YES without hesitation as we love doing our workshops and couldn't wait to be able to do one in a new location - and one as fabulous as the Yurts. After a few phone calls back and forth it was decided that we would demo a hand-tied bouquet for 12 ladies to then have a crack at the themselves.

So on May 23rd off we trotted to The Yurts (a little like a luxurious, stunning, glamourous, massive tent) with buckets and buckets of flowers, trays of tools and a tally of workers including Kelly, Sarah, Sylvia and Nikki (on her second week of working for us!!). It was a stunning summer evening and the tents provided a cool getaway - perfect for the flowers and the ladies who attended. Kelly was volunteered as head demonstrater (a role which she actually loves really) and had to set the ladies a bit of an ice breaker challenge - "Could you give me all the names of the flowers we have brought in LATIN" - you can imagine the ladies faces, however most rose to the challenge with the correct spelling to boot. With a few answers falling by the way side such as "stalk flower" "green flower" , we let them wait with baited breath for the winner to be announced at the end of the evening.

Time to crack on with the hand-tied . Every attendee got a bucket of base flowers including lily, AYR, and foliage with some more choice flowers to choose from in the middle of the room such as snapdragon, campanula and roses to create a stunning bouquet of both choice flowers and mixer flowers. Kelly decided to ease the ladies in slowly by showing them first how to assemble the bouquet and how to gain the so longed for spiral of the stems to acheive balance on the bouquet at the end of the demo when making it stand - becuase as taught at college- if it doesn't stand its not a hand tied , its just a bunch !. After giving the ladies some different options on wrapping and bow making - a very tricky art, they were set to work . 

Let us just say it was rather tentative to begin with , and lots of hushed whispers , so we sent out Sylvia and Nikki to help out ... which was barely needed, within minutes the room became alive with laughter and shuffling of feet to pick flowers they wanted within the bouquets. It was so lovely to see the different combinations chosen, some ladies wanted symmetery within the design , whilst other ladies wanted that dash of summer and countryside feel to their bouquets. They were on a roll , even when we did have a late comer to the event , she took to it like a pro. So bouquets made now came the true test - Making it stand .. after lots of nervous laughter and stepping away from tables ( no one was allowed to breathe near table no .3!!) every bouquet was standing for at least 30 seconds haha !! 

Then it was time to announce the winner and runner up of the ice breaker competition, of course we left our lovely master of floristry Sylvia to do the honours of marking the ladies knowledge and announcing the winners. However we did think that everyone won in their own way as they all made such stunning designs that they could take home and show off to anyone that saw them. We also mentioned to the lovely ladies that we had Nikki as a new member of the team and found out that it was a complete 180degree turn for Nikki being at the workshop as she had attended one we had done their in 2014 with her Mum at Christmas time. So in 2014 she was on one side of the table full of nerves and in 2017 she was on the other side of the table helping the ladies with their nervers - Lovely ey!!

We had a fantastic evening at The Yurts and are looking forward to working together again in the Autumn of this year. And we look forward to more workshops in the future for Dutch Nurseries HQ


Workshop at The Yurts