Another day, another Workshop

18 August 2017

Well what can we say .. boy have we been busy and already its August - scary.

When we first booked in our dates for our 2017 workshops back in February we felt like the summer workshops was miles away but didn't it just roll round ! Kelly had the amazing job of ordering all the floral workshops flowers at the weekend and she went to town- hydrangeas, poppys, snapdragons, molucella, ecuadorian roses, oriental lilys, fatsia japonica, amarathus, arachnoides adiantiformis (try saying that when you have had a glass of pimms). Of course we drafted in the expert that is Mrs Syvlia Hall to turn the shop around into workshop mode for our lovely attendees arriving at 6pm.

The pimms was poured , the sandwiches were stacked, the flapjack bites were flawless, now all we needed was our "workshoppers" and a willing florist to demo a handtied bouquet - KELLY !! KELLY !! KELLY !! 

Kelly started off by showing our lovely guests the best flower combos, colour combos and flower counts to create a classic hand tied bouquet. And then onto the tricky stuff .. spiralling the stems of the hand tied and the placement of the flowers so that when placed upright the design will stand without assistance - even Kelly had to mess with it a few times to get it perfect . Our guests sat agahst and " you made that look easy " , "I can't do that" were murmered around the table. After the fun bit of wrapping up the design and placing a pretty bow on the hand tied it was time to push them all in at the deep end - with the help of course of Sylvia, Sarah, Nikki and Kelly.

It was great to see so many different designs and interpretations on a hand tied . With one lady choosing sunflorwers and stocks with a beautiful finish of brown paper and twine , as her daughter chose pinks and blues with lots of textures including spikey euringium. We had a beautiful citrus design with freesia and sunflower , as well as a stunning summer array of santini, delphinium , lily and molucella. And one of your lovely regular customers chose deep jewel colours to emulate the colours of her house - just stunning. I think ouyr favourite part of the evening had to be when all the hand tied stood up and somebody yelled "nobody breath ., nobody move - they are all stood up !!! ". Well we all fell about in stitches.

Time for the buffet !! oh and of course a topping up of pimms. During this time we had the chance to chat to our lovely people who attended the summer workshop as well as secretly judging their bouquets to crown a winner based on style and design and mechanic elements- all friendly competetion - we promise, The amazing Janet got crowned as the winner with a lovely sunflower hand tied that really was executed well. 

Two of the the ladies enjoyed it that much that they booked on our xmas wreath workshop ! YAY ..

So if you like the sounds of that you will have to book on one of our workshops - the next one is in October and we CAN'T WAIT  xx

Another day, another Workshop