Just like a spring chicken

20 April 2018

Our first workshop of 2018 fast approached us after the busy Mother's Day and Easter Weekend we had at Dutch Nurseries HQ. 

With our spaces gone and another hopefully succesful workshop facing us on the calender it was time to start the prep for what i like to think and have heard are becoming evenings to remeber at Dutch Nurseries. Thursday 19th April brought a lovely sunny day in England and with it a spectacular evening to Haxby with a beautiful watery sunset which all the ladies who attended said added to the night perfectly. Of course drinks were ready and available on arrival to combat the warm glow that everyone seemed to have. 

This workshop was a little different to any of the others we have had at the shop up to press as we were trialing a new design for the lovely attendees to produce. We had decided on a hand tied design with a modern twist involving oasis as a new component for our ladies to work with. By using the oasis they were able to create more stylised lines, modern textures and found that the flowers didn't "dance about" as much as a traditional hand tied would have done.

Of course we had workshop extroadinaire at the reigns of the evening - Kelly led each lady through the steps to create their own unique piece of floristry art with faithful companion Nikki chipping in and giving each of the ladies a helping hand where neccesary - which may I add was very few and far between. 

The ladies were set to work and left to their own devices , well partly so , with some top insider tips from Kelly and Nikki ( top secret and only those who attend the workshops get to know ) before you knew it there were moder designs popping up in all corners of the shop. Of course we kept them all fuelled with bubbly and tea and coffee as well as some nibbles and lots of laughs as always . We did notice some ladies chose to do all round designs for their dining room tables and some chose to do front facing for windowsills or halves. 

Again, unlike our other workshops we didnt hold our competition for a winner this time as 3/6 ladies had attended our workshops before and felt they had a headstart , as well as one of our lovely customers who attended is currently studying her floristry course. So i guess you could say everyone was a winner as they all got to take home a stunning hand made arrangement home. One of the ladies husbands was taxi driver and his glee could be heard from across the car park at how well she had done !!

Of course we had our buffet on standby for when the ladies finished their designs which we also had a little indulge in. We love our little buffets at the end of our workshop nights as it allows for wind down time and a chance to get to know our attendees as well as asking them all about workshops for the future providing us with fantastic new ideas.

All we can say is onto the next one... July 19th !! We can not wait ! We hope you have booked your spaces already people.

Mwah xx

Just like a spring chicken