Tipples and Tiaras

10 August 2018

Why Hello lovely jubbly people - we hope your all listening loud and clear as we have some very exciting news to report on here at Dutch Nurseries.

Last night Kelly and Nikki found theirselves in a city centre location providing a floral masterclass for some lovely ladies surrounded by tipples, tiaras and tantalising foliage galore. We had the pleasure of doing a floral headress workshop at The Botanist in our nearest city centre working alongside the venue to bring to attendees the chance to create their very own one of a kind creation.

Now as you all know this isn't our first rodeo with taking our locally famous workshops offsifte- only at Christmas did we have the travelling wreath workshops out and about. So as always we had the handy help of our fantastic delivery driver Dave who loaded the Van up with all the workshop goodies and off we headed into a busy , vibrant city centre for the night.

Six ladies attended the workshop all with differing ideas and pieces they wanted to create , one lady wanted to go "Elton John" whilst another lady wanted to create a much smaller design suitable for her daughter to wear and play in the next day. Demo extroidinaire Kelly set to work in showing the attendees the basics of the floral headress , demonstrating the intracacies of wiring flowers together and using different strenghts of wire to achieve different angles for the flowers to sit once placed on your head. With a loud cry the ladies wanted the workshop to be done in steps so they could follow each step as they go - now we won't say too much but there was tipples flowing at the same time so we agreed to their cries and pushed forward demonstrating each step carefully then proceeding onto the next one.

Whilst the ladies were busy creating their masterpieces (with lots of "ouch this is making my wrist hurt" and "oh blimey my head is a lot bigger than i thought") Kelly and Nikki got the chance to admire their surroundings , naturally by the name of the place you would imagine this to be a perfect surrounding for a florist and you would not be wrong. We were in a stunning open conservatory laced with twigs, branches and ivy, with a natural hessian table cloth and milk churchs and wooden ladders in the corners of the room for extra decoration- it really was a florist dream setting for such a workshop.

Before you knew it the ladies were nearing the end of their creations and it was amazing to see how different each design turned out. An all white gypsohilia headress was a stunning and romantic headress choice whilst a freesia and spray rose headress in lilac and pink really made for a pretty and delicate design. All the ladies seems really proud of their efforts and Kelly and Nikki must say they were all naturals at it. It was a fab evening with lots of laughter and another great workshop success for Dutch Nurseries. Thank you to The Botanist for having us.

I do think the highlight of the night was leaving the venue and Nikki and Kelly spying all 6 ladies sat having a drink with friends downstairs wearing all their headresses loud and proud . You go GIRLS - you did an amazing job.

Speak to you all soon xx

Tipples and Tiaras