Off to The Ebor we go

29 August 2018

Beautiful dresses, stunning hats, champagne is a flowing , place your bets .. it must be a day at the races.

Last week saw the annual Ebor Festival at The York Racecourse take place over 4 days .. a stunning and exciting event that this year we had the chance to be a part of in the most fantastically, floral way possible.

Picture the scene , a goregous green lawn ready for race goers a plenty to walk over whilst they sip their Moet bubbles ... a small tuck tuck style van with a new , exciting drink being served out of the cab ... laughter and smiles a plenty with a 2 meter high floral moon arch surrounding the van for all to see. Yes you read that 100% right ... a 2 meter floral moongate , constructured and decorated by our very own fair hands in tropical foliage and flowers of all white to boot.

Now i can hear you all asking .. what is a moongate ? a moongate is a circular construction of metal with a solid base that can be decorated to any preference. Perfect for large corporate events or weddings to frame the bride and groom as they say "I do". So first things first was setting about getting our moonarch ready to rock and roll at the festival. Our first job was to cover the stark white metal in a artifical flocked ivy that would help cover any metal ahead of foliage being placed on top. As the first step of "flocking" as we call it took place the moonarch started to take on a very "midsummer nights dream" style feel to it. 

Next step was placing the foliage onto the moonarch , first things first though was deciding how exactly we would place it on and in what format. With construction having to take place half at our retail space and half on site at the racecourse it was a jigsaw style task that had to be delegated accordingly. Plan in place we decided to crack on - 5 placements of larger tropical foliages including monstera, fatsia, aspidistra and palm were the pinnacles of the 5 placements with all foliage having to be placed on in such a way that made the circle flow. In between the 5 placements went what we call "sausage links" - the technical term i know of foliages , again remaining with the tropical theme but on a slightly smaller scale. This is where the jigsaw element of the design came into play with all items being labelled and numbered ready for construction at the site. 

A seperate base full of fatsia, palm and aspidistra covered the mechanics of the whole design with flowers such as orchids, roses, protea, snapdragon and anthurium all ready to be placed on and within the structure. The two base pieces made really where the real deal and so heavy !! but they needed to be ready to battle the ever changing English weather as well as an unprotected site of design. We needed this design to stay still !! and boy did it !!

Flowers were always to be placed in the design at site , so the design sat making our shop look like something our of Tarzan for all our customers to admire and ask lots of questions about which we didn't mind at all. 

Before we knew it , it was off to The Racecourse we went. Armed with everything we could think of , including the kitchen sink !! Nikki and Jaki set too on constructing the design around the already in place van. Through an absolute masterclass of team work between the two as well as some words of WOW and encouragement from racecourse staff the design was soon up and ready to rock and roll. Flowing oriental orchids in white, spikey snapdragons in white, tropical anthuriums circulating the design, perfect white roses recessed into the middle of the design .. well need I say anymore , it was beautiful even if we do say so ourselves. Not only did the moonarch go up at the van , the front cab was decorated as well as the inside of the van in palms and roses and the back side of the van had a flap that we got to provide a stunning floating and cascading garland of all white flowers down the side of. I could just keep going on and on and on but you will have to check out our facebook page for the images.

Each day we had the pleasure of servicing the arrangements on the van to make sure they were in tip top shape for all the race goers and champagne drinkers to admire. Battling the weather was one of the tasks we faced but armed with replacement flowers and foliage no task was too great on that front. We really did feel like a set of fully fledged floristry ninjas.

As you can tell it was a simply fantastic event to be a part of and something we feel hugely and immensely proud of here at Dutch Nurseries. And now we have our very own moongate ready to roll out for the next perfect event. Weddings, Parties, Dinners.. OH MY !! the oppurtunties are endless and we can't wait to see what fun we have with it.

If you fancy taking a look at it for yourself I hear through the grapevine that its next outing will be at our next wedding fayre in September !! OOOOOOOOO

Team Dutch x

Off to The Ebor we go