Consider the colour of the flowers
Colour is an important part of your decision about which flowers to have, flowers are a natural product and therefore depending on growing conditions colours may vary from growers, batches and of course seasons. The flower colours are determined by the flower and cannot be altered to suit different shades.  Your colour choice should complement your wedding theme, and the clothing of the rest of the bridal party. 

Consider the season
In the world of flowers season dictates available and price.  The flower auctions are complicated and play a huge role in the cost of flowers. Nowadays most flowers are available all year round but there are still restrictions in some varieties.  To try and help you we've put down some of the more well-known, popular flowers and indicated their season.

Spring flowers:
anemone, ranunculus, 

Summer flowers:
peonies, stocks, delphiniums, larkspur.

Winter flowers:
 amaryllis, snowberry, ilex.

All year round flowers:
calla lily, anthuriums, lilies, lisianthus, gypsophila, orchid, roses, spray roses.